• YSN Holiday Party 2015. Photo Credit: Joe Vumbaco 
  • Dr. Taylor in the lab. Photo Credit: Mike Marsland 
  • The Yale School of Nursing. Photo Credit: Mike Helfenbein 
  • Robben Island, South Africa. Photo Credit: Jackie Taylor 

The mission of Yale School of Nursing (YSN) is “better health for all people.” The goal of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at YSN is to actively enhance diversity through evidence-based methods of recruitment, career development, and retention focused primarily on faculty but also on staff and our student body to better reflect our mission. By ‘diversity’ we mean groups historically under-represented in one’s field, which in nursing includes under-represented racial/ethnic minorities such as African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Islanders.  Men are also considered an under-represented group in nursing.  Other characteristics such as sexual orientation (LGBQ), gender identity (non-cis or transgender), disability status, and financially and/or educationally disadvantaged (e.g., first-generation college) backgrounds or international country of origin also are relevant and enrich our community.

The Yale School of Nursing has long been an innovator and leader in education, practice, and research. Faculty research covers a wide array of topics that encompass and address health disparities and well being of underrepresented and vulnerable populations. The YSN Office of Diversity and Inclusion directly contributes to YSN’s mission by guiding the school’s growth to increase and improve diversity, thereby creating an environment that is reflective of the communities that we serve and supports the overall mission of YSN. 

For faculty recruitment and retention questions and concerns, please contact Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor (203-737-2364), Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.

For student-related recruitment and retention questions and concerns, please contact Heather Reynolds (203-737-2370), YSN Minority Student Coordinator.

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